Chris! A One-Man Show

By Sam French & Kyle Wilson
Songs by Kyle Wilson & Kyle Selig

Advertised originally as the one-man show of a classmate (Chris) at Carnegie Mellon University, the show surprised everyone when Chris died in the first three minutes and his closest friends got up from the audience and reenacted a fictionalized version of his life. This became the musical odyssey of CHRIS, a young man raised by lesbian giraffes in Africa whose dream of becoming a star takes him from a sweatshop in China where he overthrows the evil matron, to a Texas beach where he smokes weed with George W. Bush, to the Great White Way itself.

Brief PDF excerpt

Full script available upon request

Original production directed by Benjamin Viertel, scenic design by David Peters, costume design by Sharisse Petrossian, lighting design by Sylvianne Shurman