Blank My Life is  a surreal, comedic series created by Alex Spieth.
It follows Susan on her quest to simultaneously find love and not end her life.
Select episodes directed by Kyle Wilson.
Blank has been featured on wifey.tv, Indiewire's Project of the Day, and multiple webfests.
Past talent has included Netflix's Fuller House's Adam Hagenbuch,
FX's Pose's MJ Rodriguez, Fox's Gotham's Michelle Veintimilla, and Wicked's Jake Boyd and Emily Koch.


In the season finale, Brendan stars in the community musical Zombie Homecoming, while Mr. Shively plots to ruin him and Susan rushes to the rescue. Wilson directed and wrote the musical numbers for the performance.

In Episode 2, Brendan, Susan’s recently-dead BFF, reveals he’s returned to haunt her until he’s resolved. Being dead totally blows, until he meets a hot guy at the local bar.

In Episode 7, everything goes wrong for Susan as the Zombie Homecoming cast prepares for opening night.

Season Three of Blank My Life premieres this fall. Wilson directed three episodes, including the finale, which culminates in the original musical Zombie Homecoming, music and lyrics also by Wilson.

season 2

In Season 2: Episode 7, Susan buys an antique revolver for her BF and hashes out how leaving NYC will affect her life.